Welcome to our new blog! We will use this site to keep in touch from China, hopefully with plenty of interesting reports on our experiences there. The countdown is on, as we leave February 11th..


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  1. 1 mjfalk April 20, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    So happy you are both enjoying China!! How is the home cooking coming along? Soups might be fun—-we make a lot of soup here. Is chicken available there for a good broth? Rice and cut up fresh vegetables make such a good soup along with a good bread. They used two bread machines each day at Uncle Bob’s school in Yanji City to bake the bread for the private kitchen/dining area in the Salesian House on campus. I don’t know how they made the bread for the huge student dining room but I’m sure Uncle Bob would know. We introduced peanut butter while we were there—they make their own jam which is very good. Miss the card games there on Saturday night down in the dining room with Uncle Bob and the Korean Salesians—-game called “AllMight”—-a trump game with partners, something like Sheepshead here in Wisconsin or Euchre. Lots of fun. Enjoy this lovely Sunday, Dear Ones. Grace is 33 today. She was born on a Sunday also. Love and Blessings, Mom and Dad in GB

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