Is your refrigerator running?

On Sunday night, we were very concerned that our refrigerator, which we had plugged in that morning, wasn’t cold enough. We kept putting our hands inside and saying things like, “Nope, doesn’t really feel that cold.”and “Wait, try turning that knob all the way up.” We finally just decided to put the milk and OJ in the freezer, thinking it had to be cold enough there. On Monday morning, when we awoke to frozen milk and OJ, we realized that the unheated (and rather uninsulated) apartment, like most in Nanjing, was simply just as cold (if not a bit colder) as the inside of the refrigerator. In our chilly state, we just couldn’t tell the difference. Happily, though, there’s a space heater in our bedroom, so Leo is not being refrigerated! Also, we are happy to hear Spring in Nanjing is fast approaching!


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