Tales of an American Housewife in China

On Monday I spent 8 hours cleaning a kitchen the size of a small coat closet. Covered in sticky dirt that kept reappearing with each wipe of the rag, it was as if the fry-bin at McDonald’s had thrown up right after someone dumped a bin of fireplace ash into the place. I had to keep reminding myself that this was the cleanest apartment we’d seen for rent (minus perhaps, the apartment that came with ‘household help’). I had to go out during lunch for reinforcements: Bleach and the strongest de-greasing agent I could find. Tuesday I attacked the bathroom, with similar battles waged against soap scum and mold. All this scrubbing does keep one warm in quite a cold apartment. Cleaning does not seem to receive top priority in China; perhaps they’ve stopped trying to fight the pollution.


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  1. 1 Annie February 28, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    God Bless you both!! What an adventure you have embarked upon. Liz, I was laughing when I read your post about cleaning because I have been on a mission to get my house “ready” for the baby. It seems being sick for 18 months leaves a house pretty dirty and I have yet to catch up! I was scrubbing my kitchen floor the other day with a bit of disdain in my heart, and it was MY mess! You certainly embody the principle from Corinthians to do ALL for the glory of God! That is my mantra throughout the day of cleaning and diapers and whining–ALL for the glory of God :-)!
    So glad to hear you found a place, and we will certainly continue to keep you in our prayers. When does JM start school? How is Leo adjusting? I suppose he isn’t aware of any big changes just yet. We miss you all, even though I know we wouldn’t be seeing you if you were stateside :-). Alex prays for his aunt, uncle and cousin in China (pronounced Channa)and keeps asking if maybe we can go see you there.
    Things here are moving along. I almost 27 weeks and looking forward to welcoming the 3rd trimester and little Thomas Augustine (that is an omage to a favorite saint AND JM by the way!). The boys keep me very busy and I am starting to get ridiculously tired in the afternoons–only 2.5 months to go :-).
    We love you and miss you and you are in our hearts and prayers all the time! Hope this isn’t too much to write for a comment…I’m new at this! LOVE YOU!!!
    Annie, Adam, and the boys

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