The Mullers have a home!

Sunday was a GLORIOUS day, as it marked the day we moved into our apartment. After a week of hunting for the perfect place and feeling like Goldilocks (this one’s too big and we definitely don’t need a servant – this one’s too small and what do you mean there’s not a refrigerator?), we found the perfect place on Friday. Two blocks from campus, this one-bedroom apartment suits us well. We tried to hail a taxi or two on Sunday morning to haul our things over, but when the taxi driver saw all of our stuff and us, she began to spout rapid-fire Chinese and drove off without much warning. Thankfully, there was a small (but strong) man with a bike-trailer who loaded all of our belongings precariously high onto his trailer and biked them over to our place. Thankfully, he also helped us bring everything up 7 flights of stairs (did we mention it’s a walk up?). Our new landlords, Marshall and Joyce (their English names ☺), met us there and showed us around the new place. They pointed out that next weekend they’d be getting a new water heater for the bathroom, but for now there’d be cold water only (I write this post after taking the shortest and coldest shower of my life). I’m certain we’ll be able to tell you more about our landlords in future posts; we’ve really enjoyed our first few meetings with them!


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  1. 1 mjfalk March 15, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Leo (poor baby!!) is smiling because he doesn’t know he is in China—-he has Dad and Mom and you are his little world right now—so glad to learn he has a crib now—you try sleeping in a suitcase one night. Missing you three a great deal here but glad you are happy there. Learning the language there is a good idea. Experiencing the culture is broadening for the two of you—there are other aspects of culture besides commercialism—-not all are bad—-every spot on earth has much to teach us—the Truth is everywhere we go—-we are just working on discovering it together with the friends we make whereever we are. The history of every nation on earth is filled with a horrifying as well as an edifying list of players whose impact has been significant to the area and beyond. The choices we make every day seem small and unimportant to the mainstream but the One Who really matters in the end sees it all from an eternal perspective–this whole project is His—-we weren’t around when He started it and now He has made us part of the Plan—but the Life and outcome is from and for Him. We live in such a unique time really—the days of the New Covenant—the new and everlasting covenant–and that life goes on even outside the temporal world–whether we want to call that a place or state of being—it is a life worth all that we remember esp this coming week—if we don’t embrace that understading of reality and pass it on to our children then no other achievements really remain in the end. Hope this coming week will be a special time for you—thanks, Liz for all the visits to F. U. and those days of getting recharged—I saw the schedule in one of the devout newspapers we get here—for the summer conferences—don’t know how you did it!! IHS—and Love, Mom and Dad

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