Survival Vocabulary

So, after two and a half weeks in Nanjing, we’ve learned enough Chinese to get by with the daily necessities. We can take a taxi back to our street, we know how to order noodles and dumplings at a restaurant, and we can find the bathroom when necessary. (Bathrooms deserve a whole post of their own, which we’ll save until we’ve experienced the whole gamut.)

Actually, the things we’ve learned to say most speedily all concern the exact same subject:

1. He’s six months old.
2. Thank you for saying he’s cute.
3. He’s not too cold.
4. Really, he’s not dressed too cold.
5. Please don’t touch him/take him away from us.
6. We’re all from USA.
7. He’s getting tired.
8. Our jacket keeps him warm.
9. His name is Leo.
10. We have to get going now.

As you can see, our main attraction isn’t that we’re foreigners, but rather the little bundle strapped to our chest that peeks out at everyone. We’re looking forward to being able to say more, so we can utilize all of the practicing we get from the irresistible bait we’re carrying. Seriously, the Chinese people are baby crazy, over ours and theirs alike.

[PS- As we wrote this post, we got a text message from a girl we met at the store today, saying ‘your baby is very lovely.’]


2 Responses to “Survival Vocabulary”

  1. 1 Chris Burgwald March 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    You got a text message… I take it you have cell phones?

  2. 2 jmliz March 4, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Yes, we have a cell phone! It’s difficult to avoid one, with mobile shops all over the city. Citizens here prepay all of their cell phone minutes in person at these stores- a novel concept, since it helps to keep you from racking up extra charges for going over your air time.

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