Sites around town

Here are a few more pictures from our recent trip around town with our good friend, Orianne. We are incredibly indebted to her for clearing out the local CVS supply of Purell and bringing it to us, along with enough English novels to fill a bookshelf!

We took a trip to Sun Yat-Sen’s mausoleum in the nearby Purple Mountain park. He is considered the grandfather of the 20th-century Chinese revolution. His mausoleum is built high on the mountainside, through the commemorative gate and up more than 300 stairs. The view from the top is great (even if hazy on that hot day).



Another popular site in Nanjing is the Confucius temple. It’s very well preserved, and still maintains a meditative atmosphere, as long as large, brightly colored New Year’s floats don’t bother you much.




After a hard day of footing it around town, nothing tastes better than noodles, dumplings and fried rice. This is the menu at one of our favorite stops. If anyone can figure out if they offer cashew chicken, please let us know!



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