43 Cent Beer

One of the convenient things about living in China right now is the exchange rate. We get about 7 times more buying power with our American dollars than we do back home. Our friend told us before we left that we could afford to eat out for every meal here- we didn’t believe him, but it’s true!

How much do things cost here? At this point in time, here are some of the prices we’re paying for our everyday items. Keep in mind that Nanjing is relatively cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong.

1. Large bottled water, 1.5L: 29 cents
2. Tsingtao 20oz beer: 43 cents (how can you go wrong here?)
3. One yummy steamed meat/vegetable bun (healthy fast food): 7 cents
4. One bowl of stir fried noodles: 71 cents
5. One pound of bananas: around 50 cents
6. Package of 30 cookies: $1.40
7. Two large broccoli florets : 43 cents
8. One bottle of rice vinegar: 33 cents
9. Kung Pao Chicken: about $2.00
10. One bowl of white rice: 14 cents
11. A 1.5 mile cab ride in any direction: $1.29, $1.50 for 2 miles
12. An express train ride to Shanghai (2 hours): $13.28 one way
13. Banging the gong at the Confucius Temple: $1.29 (the more gongs you buy, the greater your good fortune)
14. Typical Chinese restaurant meal for 4: $14.28

There are plenty of other things, however, that cost more than they do in the States, mostly name-brand items that only foreigners buy. Even if they’re made in China, they are tariffed because they’re intended mainly for export.

1. Graco Pack ‘N Play baby crib: $185
2. Cheerios: $10
3. One pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream: $12.57

We haven’t shopped so much yet, but we hear similar reports about many other name-brand purchases. If you can switch to the Chinese brands while you’re here, you’ll come out quite nicely (although quality is always a potential concern!).


1 Response to “43 Cent Beer”

  1. 1 Becca April 1, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Living in China for fun…priceless. (I COULDN’T HELP IT! :o) )

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