Rescue efforts continue…

The death toll from the earthquake continues to rise. At this point, it’s hard to know when it will stop. However, some survivors have been found alive after the 100-hour mark. This is exceptional and miraculous. The Chinese government, in a departure from their normal policy, has begun to accept outside help from other nations and organizations. They’ve mobilized their military and all of their resources, but the magnitude of this quake is too much for them to handle by themselves. So many people are homeless and the situation is very difficult. Clean water, enough food, and access to medicine and medical care are among the major concerns right now. Since many Sichuanese people have, in recent years, migrated to the coastal cities to make more money, there are many people who still don’t know if their families are alive. Communications systems are very weak and much was destroyed by the quake.

Please pray for the 7,000 students and their families who were lost in the earthquake. Tragically, many schools collapsed when the earthquake hit while classes were still in session. There will be many orphans and widows, as well as many parents who have lost their children. Please pray for all those lost, and for the rescue efforts to continue swiftly and efficiently. We know that people could still be alive, and ask for your continued prayers on their behalf especially.


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