Foreigners on table three!

Going on our fourth month of residence here in Nanjing, we sometimes feel a routine start to set in. Things that first were strange to us, like spitting in public, are now second nature (for JM at least- PTOO!).

Every now and again, though, something gives us a pretty good reminder that we’re unquestionably a foreign element here in China. For instance when eating out for lunch a few days ago, we were finishing up when another group of people came in looking for a seat. Standing right by us, the waiter called out to them in front of all the other guests, “Just wait a second and these foreigners will be done!” It’s an adjustment, but we’re slowly getting used to being branded “WAIGUOREN” (foreign person) in everyday speech!


1 Response to “Foreigners on table three!”

  1. 1 Mom June 6, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    You need to have a prepared riposte in your best Chinese forensics style for the next such occasion.

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