Were those hot peppers?

We cooked 地三鲜,’3 treasures of the earth,’ a stir fry of potatoes, eggplant, and green peppers, which is a delicious traditional dish here in China. It’s more economical for us to cook in, with the price of 3 eggplants running 50 cents, the potatoes and green peppers not much more expensive.

Taking turns cutting the vegetables, we also made Leo’s dinner and started feeding him. To our amazement he started bellowing out right after we started feeding him. Picking him up from his chair to see what was the matter, we noticed his lips had turned bright red. Liz had mentioned earlier that the green peppers seemed spicy, not the usual mild bell pepper taste we expected. In fact, they were hot peppers, and the oils had seeped into our fingers (making them throb!), and we concomitantly transferred them to Leo’s eating spoon! We felt stupid for not realizing what was happening, especially once his arms and legs also turned red where we picked him up with our hands!

The moral of the story: if it doesn’t look like a green bell pepper, it probably isn’t, and, don’t feed hot chilis to children under the age of 1.


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