By the way, your baby will be deported

So we went to the police station to renew our visas for the new term. Both of us have student status this semester, since we’ll each be in class at Nanjing University starting Monday. The visa renewal process for us is straightforward enough, with no objections by the authorities.

Leo, however, is on a tourist visa. He renewed it once since arrival, but this is his second time to do so. In passing, the guard on duty told us that at the end of this visa’s term, Leo will have to go back to a Chinese embassy in USA or Hong Kong to get a new travel visa, as the current one can only be renewed twice.

What?? We were told by the university staff that it would be no problem to keep renewing his tourist visa. Surprise! Just as on many other occasions here, the actual story didn’t match the one we’d been told in advance. This has been the case over and over again, so we shouldn’t have been so caught off guard. But deportation for little Leo??

On further discussion, the guard told us that since we didn’t have an embassy-certified copy of Leo’s birth certificate, they couldn’t put him on our visa as his parents. Thoughts rushed back to our mind of standing in the lobby of the Chinese embassy back in the US with a copy of his birth certificate in tow, but no one bothering to mention this little detail to us that day. Rats.

Talking over our options, the guard came around to suggesting that if we had family back home, they could go to the embassy in our stead with a copy of Leo’s certificate, and could get it certified in our absence. Whew! Maybe there’s a way out after all. We just need to find a willing agent and figure out how to mail Leo’s document back home before March. Hopefully this isn’t another tall tale, so we’ll be able to avoid dropping Leo off on a plane and bidding bon voyage. Can someone pick him up when he gets in to O’Hare?


2 Responses to “By the way, your baby will be deported”

  1. 2 Becca September 8, 2008 at 12:46 am

    I’ll take ’em!

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