Those messy people

Today in our spoken Chinese course we studied vocabulary describing rooms and their appearance (furniture pieces, messy/clean, different room names, etc.). Volunteers went to the front of the room and gave a description of their own living quarters.

One rather plump classmate described her room and its contents, making the admission that her room stays fairly messy. As she walked back to her chair our teacher stated out loud what to her seemed obvious inference:

“Fat people often have messy rooms, don’t they? Because fat people eat and drink a lot of things, they are always leaving some things here, some things there. It’s easy for them to be messy.”

Our classmate did not catch the drift of this straight-faced comment, fortunately, but some of us who did just looked at each other aghast with amazement. Did she really just say that??

Standards of politeness and frankness vary everywhere. We will think again before making a seemingly innocuous admission in front of our classmates!


1 Response to “Those messy people”

  1. 1 Julie October 10, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    This story absolutely cracks me up, it’s so foreign from American culture!!! This post and your walmart adventure have been my favorites so far… please keep them coming! Miss you so much.

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