In case of illness..

One of the areas of ongoing cultural differences we encounter here is healthcare. Aside from differences in Western and Chinese medicine, we receive all kinds of advice from well-intentioned friends, teachers and acquaintances.

“You should wear slippers inside your house, or else you’ll get sick.”

“When you get a cold you should drink boiled water. This will make you get better.”

“You’re sick and you haven’t gone to the hospital? Why haven’t you gone yet?”

“Has your baby been to the doctor to get an injection for his fever yet?” (Note- we’ve never determined what exactly the contents of this ‘injection’ really are)

“You need to wear at least three pairs of pants in cold weather. I do, and I don’t even need to turn on my heater.”

We’ve been out with a cold the last week, as have a large number of our classmates. Thankfully the stores here sell some brands of Western medicine, so we’ve been able to get along without too much inconvenience. We’ll keep smiling and nodding at the advice coming our way- some of it we’ll take, the rest we’ll think twice about (especially when it comes to injections!).


1 Response to “In case of illness..”

  1. 1 Becca November 20, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    I always wondered about the constant slipper wearing! :o)

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