Through children’s eyes

Kids say the funniest things.  What they spout out is a wonderful way for us to learn how we really are perceived by people here, without all the decorum and manners of adults holding raw responses in check. For example:

“That’s a foreigner!”

“He can’t understand you, he’s a foreigner.”

“Why are the foreign people speaking Chinese? It’s not their language.”

What suddenly worries me about this is the day that Leo will start spouting things in Chinese that he’s overheard his own parents say in English.  Some ill-timed comments could be as follows:

“Why does he have to smoke right next to us?”

“Is this meat cooked all the way through?”

“Do you think it’s clean enough to eat here?”

“This is China, what do you expect?”

“Do you think this water is contaminated?”

Depending on who overhears these comments that we usually screen behind English, it could be pretty embarrassing!


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