Shanghai excursion

The other week we made a brief trip to Shanghai at the invitation of a good friend who was traveling through on a concert tour. He let all three of us spend the night in his 5-star hotel room. Wow. We never knew a bed could be that soft!

Shanghai is a lot bigger than Nanjing. A LOT bigger. And we thought Nanjing had a lot of people! By the time we came back, we were happy to be in a city without heavy traffic jams. People in Nanjing walk a lot slower too. Shanghai is nice to visit, but here is where we’re happy to live!


1 Response to “Shanghai excursion”

  1. 1 Kelly West June 12, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Hello JM and Liz! I’m a friend of Emily Schieffer’s and she sent me your blog. I hope you don’t mind me commenting with a question, but I’m traveling in China this summer as part of a school program, and after the program is over I plan to spend an extra 10 days on my own. I was hoping you might have some suggestions about places to visit…we are in Beijing now, and will be in Xi’an and Shanghai as well. I’ve heard Nanjing is great, or any other spots you’ve traveled to that would be worth seeing? Thanks for your help!

    Kelly West

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