And… We’re back

Our first couple days in Canada have been wonderful, minus the inevitable jetlag (which will be around a bit longer as we travel to the US and then the East Coast on Wednesday). We’re in Vancouver, an absolutely beautiful city! We’re staying with our wonderful friends Alex and Kira, who have selflessly moved out of their apartment for us so we can get over jetlag in peace and quiet.

I (Liz) highly recommend not flying with a toddler that long if you can avoid it, but I must say it is worth it to see our friends and reconnect with our own culture. We are really appreciating so many little things, like clothes driers, soft beds, really cold refrigerators, great playgrounds (that are free of charge), sushi!, transacting business in English, easily shared humor, and really plush Q-tips.

But, all that said, I was happy to hear plenty of Mandarin Chinese yesterday on the local playground! Vancouver is a city with many Mandarin speakers, and it really felt nice to hear the sounds that have become almost homelike to us over the past year and a half. Grandfathers playing with their grandchild, mothers chastising their sons for running too fast, and little boys yelling for others to ‘make way’ for them as they slid down the big slide.

Leo felt right at home in this setting, but has been happily overwhelmed by so many fun and new things since our arrival. He seems to have completely lost his appetite, but hopefully that will bounce back as his body regains a normal schedule. His favorite word right now (which he literally wakes up saying) is “Wow!” There have been many “Wows!” so far, and there are many more to come. We are grateful to be back!


2 Responses to “And… We’re back”

  1. 1 mjfalk June 16, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    I am already enjoying your visit home here in Green Bay! Vancouver seems like across the street compared to China. And just to think when we wake up in the morning so are you! Praise the Lord! Can’t promise it will be that quiet here though—the Falks are not especially quiet, but open arms—-yes! Watch out for the mercury content in sushi—-I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Glad all of you weathered the flight so well. We’re stocking up on rice and dumplings for your stay here in Cheeseheadland.

  2. 2 Rachael June 17, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    I as well am so excited that you are back on this side of the world and I can’t wait to see you guys!!!!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!! I just got back from my Bob Evan’s Breakfast with the girls, and am hoping that we can go when you are in town!

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