Great Wall, Big City, Beijing Opera, and More!

I’ve got 3 minutes to write and send this – so it’s been a wonderful two days here. I have climbed the Great Wall! Eaten Beijing Roast Duck and Hong-Kong Style Hot Pot! Watched Beijing Opera! Wandered around Beijing’s Contemporary Art Scene at a place called Factory 798!

I have a good friend here who I’ve been touring with during the day, but tomorrow I’ll go solo to the Forbidden City, get a closer look at Tiananmen Square. After that I’ve got a plan to tour the traditional Beijing living quarters (called Hutong) on bike with my friend. It’s been an impressive couple of days.

More to come… for now, I’m headed to bed.


1 Response to “Great Wall, Big City, Beijing Opera, and More!”

  1. 1 Lucie October 19, 2009 at 4:01 am


    Yay for you! So excited for you about your travels. I miss you guys, but it was great to Skype a bit with you and see Leo on camera. Send my love to JM, Leo and your baby on the way! Enjoy your travels!



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