Midterm Exam – Finished! Leo – Escaped!

I (Liz) just finished my mid-term exams, and do I ever feel like an undergrad again! I did manage to sleep some last night, thanks to JM who got up with Leo in the middle of the night (Leo’s been a little restless since his vaccine last week, unfortunately!), but wow does it take some kind of effort to prepare for a Chinese language exam. The volume of material that we’ve covered in two short months is astounding and impossible to fully absorb.

That said, I can’t believe how much I have absorbed in two short months. More and more, I am getting it, and more and more I can hold intelligent conversation, as well as READ. This is the glorious thing – to be quasi-literate once again. I really know how it feels not to be able to read. It renders one thoroughly incapable of shopping at the grocery store, taking the bus, reading instructions, etc. Now, I am well past that stage, and I am grateful! The last year and a half has been filled with challenges of all kinds, but this has been the biggest.

Leo’s latest achievement is escaping his crib. He has long been able to climb in and out at will, but he’s never figured out that he can do it at naptimes or nighttimes if he wants. Well, last night, after JM had said goodnight, Leo showed up in our room with a thoroughly happy and self-satisfied expression on his little sweet face! He was raring to go and so happy to have freed himself. JM and I had to suppress our laughter and we solemnly walked him back to his bed (not wanting to encourage this behavior in the least – it was our only choice ;). He loudly protested this premature return to bed, but did not get out of his crib again. Whew! We’ll see what tonight brings.


1 Response to “Midterm Exam – Finished! Leo – Escaped!”

  1. 1 mjfalk November 12, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Leo’s triumphant seminal crossing of the border between his bedroom and yours is only the beginning! Just wait until he figures out how to unlock and open the front door and wander out into the neighborhood—–or decides it’s time to explore the kitchen on his own and make himself an early breakfast—bacon and eggs, maybe?! Look at his adventurous parents—-over in China without permission—–

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