You did WHAT?

We had our baby at home and it was purposeful. We also had our first baby at home in the States with a midwife. While we have a lot of respect for the good that hospitals can do in times of emergency, we don’t believe that birth must take place in a hospital – especially if the mother and baby are healthy and low risk. So, we made the decision to birth at home again here in China without a midwife (because there are no midwives here, at least none that are trained the way CPMs are in the US, and certainly there are no midwives or doctors here in Nanjing that would attend a homebirth!).

The idea of purposefully birthing at home when you have the money to birth in a hospital is so very foreign to the Chinese, that we have told few of our Chinese friends and colleagues about the true circumstances of Rosaline’s birth. It just wouldn’t compute. So we’ve been telling many people that she came quickly, and we had her at home (all of which is true, just not the whole story). We actually think it may be somewhat illegal to have your baby outside of a hospital here, especially in light of the one child policy. You really need official documentation for your children here (of course you need that in the US too, but here it’s even more detrimental) – proof that he/she is your ONLY child. So birthing children in the privacy of your home is not looked kindly upon by the authorities.

So far, though, we are doing ok making Rosie an official person. Her US Passport application was approved at the consulate in Shanghai this week, which also means she’ll receive a US birth certificate. So she’s real, she’s ours, and she’s an American – it’s on the books! We still have to get her visa and register her here with the officials; we’ll let you know how it all goes!

Our doctor was dumbfounded when we called the day after the birth to tell her that Rosaline was already here. It took her about 3 minutes to register the information, and then she was incredibly happy for us, and then she wanted us to come right to the hospital. We declined, as we were pretty comfortably tucked in at home together (and it was Christmas Day), but went in about a week later for a check up. She said JM did such a fantastic job with me that they wanted to hire him. 🙂

We worked really hard here to make the homebirth for Rosie a reality. Both of us studied up on birth quite a bit, we gathered many supplies, studied up on how to use them, and discerned this decision very very carefully. It was one of the most debated and carefully considered decisions of our marriage (and we are two people who discern things very very carefully in the first place – from what to get for takeout to our move to China). We’re so glad we were able to do it, and feel very blessed by the opportunity to have another homebirth. We’ll write more about the birth itself in another post!

Rosie is now 3 weeks old and I’ve been wanting to post, but every time I have a free moment – I feel like I should either be sleeping, taking a shower, or washing diapers. But just now both kids are asleep and although I should probably be asleep too – I wanted to take a moment to post. There are many more posts I’d like to write, but here’s a start!


3 Responses to “You did WHAT?”

  1. 1 mjfalk January 18, 2010 at 11:55 am

    God is good—all the time—

  2. 2 Becca January 18, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Well you get noodles for takeout and do homebirth. Where’s the dicerning? ;o) SOOOOOO happy and proud of you guys. More JMLIZ Mullers in the world. Life is good!

  3. 3 Sara January 20, 2010 at 4:44 am

    WHAT a DOLL!! Her name is also a beauty. I wish I could hold that sweetie. I am so relieved that all went well, especially since I don’t think you can just call 911 and get the same response as you would in America.

    I suppose I’ll always give birth in a hospital (especially after Henry’s unexpected scare) and you’ll always give birth at home as long as either of us have anything to do with our own giving birthses. 🙂 (Do you like how I made that a noun and then pluralized it?) I believe you were blessed with divine guidance in your decision–being so spiritually prepared to receive personal revelation brought the confirmation you sought in your heart and your mind that your decision would be best for your family. What a lucky girl to be born to such loving, prayerful parents.

    I am a million times happy for both of you and for the proud big brother. Leo is looking so grown up and handsome in his pics. Congratulations again and again!

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