Kid to Kid

Today the kids and I (Liz) were on Nanjing Normal University’s campus playing and walking around. We usually head to the track and field, where everybody treats the longjump pits like sandboxes. Leo loves rolling around in sand, and the bonus is that there are a set of basketball courts alongside the track and field. This makes for just too much fun in one place, as Leo’s new favorite sport is basketball (much to our dismay, actually, we both prefer soccer, and JM doesn’t play a lot of basketball due to his violining – jammed fingers and violin strings don’t go well together).

It’s been a bit of an adventure to figure out how to take two kids out and about, but I’m getting the hang of it. I put Rosaline in our front carrier (and she promptly falls asleep at this point, since she’s still so small), and Leo rides in his stroller. The only hard part so far (other than the fact that toting them to and fro is quite a workout) is that Leo refuses to climb the stairs to our apartment when we return from our outings. His legs, apparently, stop working. He would like me to carry him, which is quite nearly impossible since I’ve got Rosie on me, a backpack on, and a stroller in one hand. I have had to literally drag him up two flights of stairs. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

He’s not thrilled that Rosie has commandeered my arms as her own. I’m still figuring out how to handle this challenge. If anyone has any ideas about how to convince Leo to walk up our stairs, let me know. I’m all ears!

Today, he decided his legs had stopped working as we were headed back to the sandpit from the basketball courts, where I had been teaching Leo how to dribble and steal the ball (he’d pretty bad at dribbling, but he can sort of steal). One of my tactics is to just say, "OK, well, you stay there, but I’m leaving. Bye bye!" 9 times out of 10, this motivates him to get up and follow me. Not today.

I made it back to the sandpit, and another mom was observing my struggle. (picture my 2 year old flailing about in the middle of the track some distance away from me). She told her 3 year old to go over and tell Leo to come back and play with him. The little boy ran over to Leo, said some sort of magic words, and held out his hand. I watched in amazement as Leo promptly got up with a huge grin on his face, and they ran back to join us at the sandpit

I looked at her, and said thank you! She just said, "Kid to kid, it’s better. They know how to talk to each other."

Now if I could only get that 3 year old to come to my house every time I need Leo to climb the stairs.


3 Responses to “Kid to Kid”

  1. 1 mjfalk January 23, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Great description of adding numbers. What fun to figure out number three. Nice to know Leo will be a year or so older and will have acquired dribbling skills of sorts. Maybe! As Leo grows in wisdom and age so do we. Thankfully and often with the help of others who have three year olds or older. Like you sharing—Dad.

  2. 2 mjfalk January 23, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Dependent children of any age all have their bottom line. Getting the results of your commands, once you have made yourself clear to the child, is important—so, try to think like a 2 year old. And consider what would move him to follow your wishes because he wants you to be pleased with him. Right now it looks like his princely position has been taken by this darling little sister, so he has a lot less to lose by refusing to do what you want. Strategy aside, at this age you can still probably srongarm him to come along as you wish and if he doesn’t, then no trips outdoors for him tomorrow. Make sure he doesn’t think it’s cute to refuse to do what he is told. Hope things are better next trip to the sports area.

  3. 3 mjfalk January 23, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    “Kid to kid”—my foot!

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