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What exactly did I ask for?

Today was a milestone for Liz: a first Chinese massage! Carrying two small children around the house for months on end has taken its toll on the shoulders and neck. It was high time to seek professional help. After all, massage is an ancient Chinese medical technique.

Ahhh… one hour of massage for about the cost of a McDonald’s combo meal- can’t beat it!

But at the end came the fateful: "Do you want me to *****?" question. If you were in doubt, you probably would have said the same thing as Liz- how can one go wrong on a masseuse table? "Sure."

Arriving home later, reeking from some kind of heavy oil, the back of her neck and shoulders strawberry red, Liz looks up "*****" in the dictionary:

"Gua sha – popular folk treatment for certain illnesses by scraping the body with a copper coin, etc. – to alleviate inflammation"

When in China, do as the local folk do! Or if you ask Liz, maybe don’t!


New Vocabulary

These past few weeks we’ve been learning lots of new vocabulary words, like "antibiotics" – "eye drops" – "pink eye" – "conjunctiva" – "allergy" – amongst others. You may deduce that we’ve been sick. Even being sick in China is a new opportunity to learn and grow. We are certainly trying to focus on the bright side of things here!

Seriously, we’ve been sick for 2 weeks and we believe we are almost all better. The great news is that Rosaline seems to have escaped unharmed and has not gotten sick at all.

Leo needed to get some eyedrops for pink eye, so we took him to a pediatrician at a Chinese hospital. The pediatrician, for some unknown reason, prescribed oral antibiotics as well. I had heard that doctors over-prescribe antibiotics here in China, and this at least lends credence to this rumor. There was no good reason to prescribe them, other than that he had had a cold for a week (and I mentioned to the doctor that the cold was getting better). No fever, no sign of ear infection – nothing!! So, needless to say, we’ve just tucked those extra meds away in our cupboard, and Leo is perfectly healthy now.

It does make us wonder how often this happens and just what impact this may have on global health and the environment.

But for now, our attentions are focused a bit more locally – getting us all back to health and looking forward to the warmer Spring days that are surely ahead of us.

Nanjing page update

We’ve been in Nanjing over two years! Time flies. It was high time to make a few adjustments to our Nanjing page at the top of this blog. Have a click, take a look, and see a few more pictures of our Chinese city!

A Smile For Two Months

Rosaline wanted to say hi to everyone!

Happy Lantern Festival!

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