That nice foreign baby

Leo has grown from a six-month old baby to an almost three year old here in Nanjing. He’s always gotten looks from the locals, who never cease to delight in his pale skin, light hair, big eyes.

For a moment I thought maybe the attention was starting to fade, as he has been getting slightly less attention, especially compared to Rosaline.

Until today, walking over to the playground, when there came the usual tug on the sleeve by a stranger who says in English “Photo?” while pointing at Leo. To which I always reply in Chinese, “Sure, go ahead.” The little thirteen year old girl was jittery with the excitement she got from taking Leo with her on her cellphone, brandishing the photo proudly to the rest of her friends.

And then, ninety seconds later, passing an older woman caring for her grandchild, the indirect but not so indirect compliments of Leo’s looks: “Look at the little foreign boy. See how pretty he is? See his white skin, his big eyes, golden hair?” This spoken right aloud in front of both of us, probably presuming we didn’t understand it.

I don’t think the attention will ever fade!


1 Response to “That nice foreign baby”

  1. 1 Becca G. May 28, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    I think you might also forget, because you’re his parents and super humble, that he’s a good looking/super cute little boy! He’d be getting the same attention in the states…maybe sans the photos. ;o)

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