He’s in!

Well, it’s official – Leo will be headed to kindergarten in the fall! After great anticipation and much work this spring going to and fro to every which kindergarten within a few miles of our apartment, Leo has been admitted to our favorite kindergarten!!! We’re thrilled for him, and the weekend before last we registered him for classes. The kindergarten is a Chinese public kindergarten, and a very competitive one at that. We are met with stares of amazement when we tell folks that we got in. We also are pretty amazed ourselves, especially given everything we’ve been through this spring trying to figure this out. We feel lucky, and know that our status as foreigners here must certainly have helped Leo get in.

Registration was fun; Leo got to meet one of the teachers, who just wanted to see what he was like and see what he could do. He basically just wanted to throw the ball that was on her desk, and she was sweet to him and let him have at it. There were lots of other cute kindergarteners-to-be at the school with their parents as well. We all watched in amazement as our little ones, who not so long ago couldn’t even walk or talk, ran around the playground in their very own new school.

Our kindergarten is special in that the teaching method varies somewhat from the traditionally more strict and structured Chinese educational environment. It’s called the ‘Experimental’ kindergarten, which doesn’t translate so well in English, does it? Sort of brings to mind mad scientists. But basically it means that the curriculum is more loosely structured (which, to us, doesn’t mean much as the classes seem very very structured) and the school incorporates more playtime into the day. This will be good for Leo, no doubt!

To top it all off, the kindergarten is also situated across the street from our favorite fried chicken joint – so everybody wins! 😉


1 Response to “He’s in!”

  1. 1 Mom Falk May 26, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    If Leo gets expelled like he did at the daycare, do you get your money back?? Only kidding—–happy you two are pleased with how this is working out for Leo and the family. The news here in GB coming from China is not that encouraging re safety features and access to schools and daycare in China—-hope they have good security at the kindergarten of choice?? Looking forward to stories of report cards and parent/teacher conferences—–

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