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Rosie needs Social Security. Not for retirement benefits at her tender age of six months, but she does need it so she can be a fully operational American. After all, how American are you without this nine digit number that obliges decades of taxes and a few years of benefits? But seriously, she needs this number to smoothly operate across every level of American life, from schooling to medical care to employment.

She doesn’t have one yet. Long story short, we have been able to get her a birth certificate in China, and even the world-coveted American passport, but the little Social Security card? No bones yet.

This is for a few annoying reasons, nothing major, just annoying. We applied for it in Shanghai at the Consulate office. When JM picked up her passport, he signed the form that Liz had prepared in advance to save time. When the Philippines received this application, they rejected it because Liz’s information on the form didn’t match JM’s passport copy they took with the application. Strike one.

Here in USA, JM trekked to the local Social Security office in person, toting Rosie with him. We only traveled with passports, no other original documents. Cute baby on the counter aside, no social security card to be given. Two forms of ID are necessary, and the copy of the birth certificate does not count. Strike two.

So we’re left with an unnumbered baby. What to do? Oddly enough, we’ll have to go back to China to get Rosie her US social security card. Let’s hope there’s no strikeout this time.


In pictures…

Where are we?

Once again, despite all good intentions, we’ve slacked off in updating this blog.  What’s our excuse this time?  The kids?  They come in handy for all manner of excuses, but this time we can find an even better one: trans-continental travel!  We’re currently back in the US!

This was a fairly unforeseen opportunity as recently as a few months ago.  Liz got a new job in Nanjing, and they required her for some training here in the US, so here we are!  Right now we’re in Washington DC.  Leo and Rosie have had a great time seeing all the national monuments and museums.  Pictures are coming!

We’ve seen some great old friends, and made some new ones too. We’ll be on the road here for another three weeks or so.  Our next stop is family in the Midwest.

Please stay tuned as we continue to update this site.  We’ll still make some posts about our China lives as there are many stories that are overdue.  Thanks for continuing to follow our escapade!

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