Originals only!

Rosie needs Social Security. Not for retirement benefits at her tender age of six months, but she does need it so she can be a fully operational American. After all, how American are you without this nine digit number that obliges decades of taxes and a few years of benefits? But seriously, she needs this number to smoothly operate across every level of American life, from schooling to medical care to employment.

She doesn’t have one yet. Long story short, we have been able to get her a birth certificate in China, and even the world-coveted American passport, but the little Social Security card? No bones yet.

This is for a few annoying reasons, nothing major, just annoying. We applied for it in Shanghai at the Consulate office. When JM picked up her passport, he signed the form that Liz had prepared in advance to save time. When the Philippines received this application, they rejected it because Liz’s information on the form didn’t match JM’s passport copy they took with the application. Strike one.

Here in USA, JM trekked to the local Social Security office in person, toting Rosie with him. We only traveled with passports, no other original documents. Cute baby on the counter aside, no social security card to be given. Two forms of ID are necessary, and the copy of the birth certificate does not count. Strike two.

So we’re left with an unnumbered baby. What to do? Oddly enough, we’ll have to go back to China to get Rosie her US social security card. Let’s hope there’s no strikeout this time.


1 Response to “Originals only!”

  1. 1 Becca G. August 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    “Oddly enough, we’ll have to go back to China to get Rosie her US social security card.” lol! It’s not funny…but it is! This is the only part I am not looking forward to visiting you. 24 hour flight. Fine. Possible food poisoning. Fine. Not being able to use the restroom because I have NO concept of Chinese culture. Fine. Going to Chicago to get a visa? Blech! :o)

    I love you and miss you!

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