What we are thankful for here… in no particular order…

  • For breezy autumn sweater weather at the end of November. It’s been a beautiful fall here in Nanjing!
  • For a turkey on Thanksgiving – our first in China! It was DELICIOUS. And EXPENSIVE. Good thing we split it with 3 other families.
  • For our children. They are the light of our lives.
  • For Leo’s kindergarten. He has really started to have his own little life there! And he likes it!
  • For a good nanny who is sweet to our babies. And has a pretty good accent that she is passing on to them.
  • For an almost violent crime-free city. I know, I know, freedom and rights are violated, but all in all, we live in no fear of being mugged, and walk freely at night. That would be a rare find in a city of 6 million in the US.
  • For our jobs.
  • For our friends here and at home. We are thankful for community.
  • For our families. We miss them, but they still shape and strengthen us from afar.
  • For each other. Wherever we are, and whatever we become – in China, in the US, or wherever life takes us.
  • For jiaozi (Chinese dumplings).
  • For new words, new places, new thoughts and ideas. Our lives are always full of these things here.
  • For the GAP coming to China! Thank you capitalism! I (Liz, definitely not JM) almost cried when I entered the store in Beijing. It was a religious experience.
  • For the students we work with.
  • For Chinese massage (oh so thankful).

Happy Thanksgiving All!


2 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. 1 Becca G. December 6, 2010 at 2:22 am

    I know. I know. If you had numbered them the jiaoz would have been #1(esp. if catsup was involved. ;o) )

  2. 2 Mom Falk December 9, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Enjoyed your gratitudinous list. The spirit is a moving in your life. We pray for you all and especially Mei Mei.She has such big mouth on one of the pictures and I can’t wait to hear her laugh and talk to Grandpa.Grow in the Lord every moment in time.Read His Word in Chinese and English and Greek for JM.We love you so much===Dad.

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