Darn kids!

The following dialogue took place in half English half Chinese:

Leo: Mom we saw some "blahblah trucks" on the way home from school!

Liz: What kind of trucks?

Leo: Xiaofangche

Liz: What kind?

Leo: Xiaofangche…

Liz: Hmmm… yep, still didn’t catch what kind of truck… can you say that one more time? Was it an ambulance?

Leo (unfazed by all this back and forth): Mom, just go ask Hao Ayi (our nanny), she’ll tell you.

After our nanny explained that a xiaofangche is a firetruck, the word made sense – it’s one I know by sight, but I’ve never said it or heard it said! Here’s to Leo for teaching me Chinese. I have a feeling we are in for more of this as his language takes off.


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