Seeking New Editwr

The DVD industry is huge in China. Nearly as soon as a new movie is released in theaters, a street copy will show up in a slick plastic sleeve complete with an official looking insert. On closer look, that insert tends to make wild assertions and errors that make it quite comical. (Did you know Julia Roberts starred in "The Sound of Music"?)

But the synopsis descriptions on the back of the sleeve are sometimes hilariously mistyped, as if the person copying them has never used English in their life! Here is the one for the Disney/Pixar movie called "Cars."

Disney/POCAR Cars. The high-cotame adwerture comedy from the croalors of Tey Story, The Cocredioles ["The Incredibles"] and Finding Dietro, new looks and sound beter then ever in the Blu-ray Disc Crested from the original Digitd souce the. Hoeshol race car Ligtring McOueen (Oween Wison) is Fring Life in the Fast lans – line he lits a detour and gels sorarced in Fadictr Springs, ["gets stranded in Radiator Springs"]. A torrxitten town in House EE. There he meets Sally. Liater, Doe Hudson (Paul Newiten) and a heap of Vilrious ["hilarious"] characters who help him discover theres more is mie than bophies and lame.

If anyone has the latest edition of the Chinglish dictionary, let us know if you can decipher any of this- but we suspect this may be a dialect!


2 Responses to “Seeking New Editwr”

  1. 1 Mom Falk January 12, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Werry phuknee

  2. 2 Julie H January 20, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    HILARIOUS! I was particularly fond of Finding Dietro-… thats the spanish version, right?

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