We’ll pass

Hello to all our faithful followers!  We can’t believe our blog still gets traffic, at least a few views each day. Thank you whoever still finds our occasional postings interesting!

It’s been a busy past month with family staying with us- a great time but pretty consuming. Now we’re back to our normal work and childrearing routine.

But what passes for normal?  The latest was another timely text message from Leo’s kindergarten, informing us that the following day he would be required by the kindergarten governing board to attend a school physical checkup, staffed by their doctors, with a full health check including a blood test.  And even though he had had the required health check to get into the school to begin with in September, this one was also mandatory.

And we would have to pay for it.

So.. we get to pay to have a compulsory health re-exam that includes drawing blood from our 3 year old, all without our personal supervision.  Um.. no thanks.

Luckily, today we informed the teachers of our reservation when dropping Leo off, and they were surprisingly accommodating. Thank goodness! He was able to play individually while the class left for their checkup.  It’s most likely because we’re foreign, and they do in fact make efforts to comply with our seemingly particular wishes. It’s just easier for all parties that way.

Let’s hope the checkup isn’t always going to be a biennial event.  But we can be sure to get more last minute text messages!


1 Response to “We’ll pass”

  1. 1 Mom Falk April 13, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Wait until you get the bill for the cost of individual supervision of Leo while all the other children in the class cooperated with the school authorities! What sort of message is your behavior sending to the Chinese educators as to the health care of one’s beloved preschooler? Think about representing American parents in a different culture and country—where is your sense of patriotic (when in Rome) diplomatic duty?—oh, well—no guts, no glory—. You probably won’t be binding Rosie’s feet either—–

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