Moving day again?

Time flies. It seems just like yesterday we were packing out of our old apartment and coming to our new one.  Looking back at memory lane:

Where would we be without our trusty moving carts? The method of choice for moving locally in China.

Ironically, soon we will be moving back into our old apartment! Thankfully it won’t entail entire house contents shifting over. We will simply be squatting while our current facilities are closed.

In fact, many locals here own two apartments if they can afford it.  It’s by far more common than we would have expected.  We’re not quite there ourselves, as we only rent, and considering that property here costs about as much as it does in New York City!

Don’t be surprised to see us strolling down the road in suitcases before long!


2 Responses to “Moving day again?”

  1. 1 Mom Falk May 12, 2011 at 9:43 am

    What one person can do!!! Don’t underestimate the power of one if you throw in a tricycle built for moving and boxes and colorful things. WOW. Enjoy the life and culture. What a privilege! We pray for you all-everyday and for China-its growth,prosperity and conversion. Love Dad.

  2. 2 Mom Falk May 12, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Moving does give one pause to consider one of the elements of human conditions right now—–how and why is it necessary to occupy only one particular space at a time (?)—-is it the human mind that roots us into a spot and then through some trick of memory or desire drags our conscious selves into either the previous spot or the longed for spot while the feet stand where our legs have taken the rest of us? Loved ones dominate the dreams we all have—-for you two—well, you have one another and Leo and Rosie with you wherever you go just about all the time——for now, that is pretty strong evidence in favor of the view that you are where the Lord wants you to be—-send the sky words of gratitude for your traveling companions—-children are the best of company—–

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