May is Race Month!

May has been a full month in the Nanjing Muller household, with races recently keeping us very busy!  Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.

JM was up to the starting line first, taking part in the local Nanjing-Man Triathlon. He joined a couple of his colleagues on a team and ran the 8k leg (more or less – this triathlon isn’t quite official!).  It was a beautiful day and he clocked a nice time.  This local tri is organized by the expat community and it’s grown over the years into a really nice event – with many Chinese locals also participating.  JM used the race as a tune up for his marathon training – he has his sights set on Beijing this upcoming October.

After that it was Liz’s turn – the next weekend she made her way to Beijing for the Great Wall (half!) Marathon.  It was a dream come true for her to run this awesome race, and it totally lived up to her expectations.  Gorgeous mountains, sunny blue skies, and a Great Wall to climb – amazing!  About 4-5 miles of the race was run on the Great Wall – including 1800 steps up and down.  It was a race to remember.  She ran along with many students from her school, and was also happy to welcome her good friend Robin (one of her first Chinese tutors in Nanjing) who came to cheer her on!

Last up was Leo – his kindergarten organized a field day for 1700 kindergarteners and their 3500 parents.  It was a monstrous event held at Nanjing’s Olympic Stadium.  He competed in two events – pedaling this little cart with Liz in a relay (see pics) and then both Liz and JM competed with Leo in “Ride the Big Horse” – another relay event.  The event was fun – for the first 3 hours (of 5).  JM took part in the ‘cheering squad’ for our class by playing big Chinese-style drums.  The last 2 hours were a bit painful as the sun was beating down and the kindergarten teachers and principals showed no signs of speeding things to a finish for all the tired spectators and little kiddos.  We finally pulled the plug and left a bit early when we discovered that Leo crying because he was too tired and thirsty/hungry on the field with the rest of his class.  As we left, he said, “I’m too small for this.  The other guys can stick it out!”  We assured him that he had competed well and that leaving was the better part of wisdom.

We marveled at all the other parents who seemed willing and happy to sit there in the beating sun to endure 5+ hours of relentless relays, dance routines, and speeches.  All the parents who we spoke to afterward raved about how fun it all was.  And we guess it was too, sort of!  But we were sure happy to get out of there and retreat back to our place for some rest!

Race month was great – hopefully next year Rosie will have a race too! 🙂


1 Response to “May is Race Month!”

  1. 1 Mom May 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Considering your tiptop stature in our family, I was surprised to see you so out-physiqued by your relay team members. I must confess I never thought of you as a good thing coming in a small package.

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