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From the mouths of preschoolers…

Leo’s Chinese ability has gotten to the point where he can now embarrass us :). Out at the vegetable market yesterday, Leo ran into a friendly "Nai Nai" (older lady of a grandmotherly age) who was chatting with him. He took one look at her and said, "Nide yachi dou huaile!" – meaning, "Your teeth are all rotten!" Which actually, her teeth weren’t all that bad (she still had them after all!). I got ready to say sorry 100 times to her, when she just turned her big grin to me and said, "Wow! His Chinese is so good! Is he in school here?" Relieved, I said thank you and yes, he’s in school and we continued to chat for a bit.

Afterward, Mr. Leo and I had a little chat about being more polite, and then headed up to the grocery store. I’m pretty sure this will not be the last time something like this happens!