Summer break

We didn’t go home this summer- tickets to USA from China are expensive, easily above $1000 round trip per person. With Rosie being almost 2 years old, we wouldn’t really want to carry her in our laps for 14 hours anyway.

So here we are in Nanjing, toughing it out through hot, sticky, stormy weather. It’s been incredibly wet- it has rained about 25 days on the month ever since July. And it doesn’t really break the temperature, usually staying around 90 degrees.

We have been enjoying our home turf anyways, with trips to the lake on the mountain, finding a local swimming pool, going to kiddie land playgrounds (indoors), and eating ice cream from McDonalds!

JM has been working all summer, since there’s no break at his school. Liz has been out of her office while her program takes its summer break, so she’s loved having extra time with the family. September 1st will be the return to routine with all the schools opening up again.

We’re going to a bamboo forest for a few days to try to beat the heat! We’ll post pictures afterwards, especially if we see any mysterious martial artists flying through the treetops! Thanks for continuing to read our blog!


1 Response to “Summer break”

  1. 1 Mom Falk August 23, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Good to hear from all of you—-Love from Green Bay

    Dad’s eye surgery went well today—inoffice procedure—some discomfort but he is a trooper.

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