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What can you take on a plane?

I can’t speak definitively on this question, but I can give you a list of what we managed to squeeze onto our flight to Seattle.

  • 3 checked 50 lb. suitcases
  • 1 checked 80 lb. suitcase ($50 overweight fee)
  • 2 adults and 1 lap infant
  • 1 carry-on sized suitcase
  • 1 large backpack
  • 1 violin case
  • 1 plastic bag of food, water and diapers
  • 1 infant nursing pillow
  • 3 heavy winter jackets

In one of the jackets’ pockets we stowed our camera, a portable Chinese dictionary, computer CD’s,  a portable hard drive, an iPod, duct tape (because you never know), and our travel alarm clock.  Leaving home for the last time before moving abroad, you load things wherever there’s spare room to find.


Getting closer

We’re in Seattle!  We made the trip out from the midwest, making ourselves two hours closer to China’s timezone.

We experienced our first ‘mountain wave’ while flying over the rockies.  This particular air pattern threw the plane into a mini nosedive for about 4 seconds, though it seemed a lot longer!  The pilot said these are quite common- I hope we don’t encounter another one!

Tomorrow it’s on to Vancouver..