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On to round two

We’re going back.  Tomorrow we board the plane for China for the second time in our lives.  We’re leaving from the same airport (Vancouver), saying goodbye to the same group of friends, but it feels so different from the first time around.  We have our own apartment waiting for us on our return. We have a job lined up.  Most of all, we have the Chinese language on our side this time!   Talk about a huge difference in our outlook.

And for those who may not have seen us this summer, our good news is that we have another baby on the way!  Stay tuned for reviews of maternal care in China, both prenatal and possibly delivery.

We’ll do our best to keep our entries frequent here on the blog.  It’s been a great way to stay in touch with all of you States side.  And we’ve heard about so many people we’ve never even met reading our posts.  At the very least, we hope we’re not boring you all.

So on to round two for our lives in China.  We have to admit we’re eager to go back, excited for whatever adventures cross our way.


New picture site

We discovered that Blogger allows us to upload our pictures directly, thereby saving our friends the trouble of being a middle man while posting them for us. Please check out our second blog, at the following address:

We will make a note here on WordPress each time we upload new pictures, so you won’t need to check our other site as frequently.

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