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This blog works after all

To our astonishment we made our first meeting in Nanjing of a cyber-friend we made through this blog. A business student from California, Eric, made his way to Nanjing a few weeks ago. We had been in touch earlier this year through the blog site, and he contacted us again while he was here in town. It was great to spend a little time with a fellow American who is also interested in moving to China with his wife and new baby. Kudos to him for making the trek out to see us! Anyone else who’s in town, feel free to look us up and we’ll be happy to meet up and chat about our experience here.


Can we pass the wall?

We are using a proxy plugin to Firefox, which does indeed let us view our site directly! No more cached pages. The window is slowly opening. If this post makes it up, we will consider ourselves blogly functional! We can’t wait to post some pictures.