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Down in front!

We decided to spend an evening watching a DVD.  I went to a curbside dealer whose discs usually work in our computer, unlike other sellers whose movies turn out to be duds.  I picked an action flick that looked like it would be good, remembering that it had gotten some good reviews recently.

Liz and I turned it on, took off the Chinese subtitles (standard on every movie here), and watched the opening sequence.  The visual quality seemed a little off, but fair enough for a 75-cent movie. The sound quality was very good.

About 3 minutes into the movie, some people-like silhouettes encroached across the bottom of the screen.  Strange cinematic effects, I thought.  They didn’t seem to have any relation to the action on screen.

That’s because they turned out to be real people that inadvertently walked into the movie screening late as somebody was videotaping the film in the movie theater!  This turned out to be a genuine pirated DVD of ‘Iron Man,’ which has been released in theaters for less than a month.  We marvel at the production line associated with the piracy industry- they get slick official looking movie jackets printed up to sell the DVD’s in, and equip them with a full array of Asian language subtitles.  They seem to turn up just a few weeks after the official release in the US.  As time goes on, they get their hands on better quality DVD’s, and replace the clumsy movie-theater tapes with higher quality digital versions.  The price then sometimes goes up to $1.50.

Our friend expressed he has no reserves about buying pirated discs.  "Why should I have to pay $12 to see any movie in the theater regardless of how much it cost to produce?  Some cost $100 million, some just a half million.  Where did the free market go?  Obviously the studios take plenty of profit from the box offices, so I’m fine saving my money this way."


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