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How high do fireworks fly?

[If you need info about measuring how high fireworks fly in the sky, follow the link to read an interesting article.]

We arrived in Nanjing just six days before Lantern Festival, another one of China’s national holidays.  The days leading up to it were filled with some tentative fireworks displays, probably practicing for the big day.  As we went to sleep the night before Lantern Festival, the frequency of the firecrackers being set off was on the rise.  Then, at midnight, a few loud cannon shots went off right outside our 16th-floor window!  All of us woke up to the sounds of fireworks going off all over the city!  Some were like machine gun fire, others loud shotgun blasts.  Off in the distance we could see the colored explosions rising over local rooftops.  Lantern Festival was here!

All morning the fireworks continued, until people had to go to work (it wasn’t a vacation holiday, alas).  Promptly at 6 o’clock in the evening the fireworks returned, this time blanketing the city with sounds of explosion.  You would swear you entered a war zone.

When we went to bed, again the cannon shots returned from outside our window- this time we were on the receiving end of the bright starbursts, which exploded just 15 feet away from our window!  Burning colored debris kept swishing across our windowsill until the supply down below ran out!  Keep your guard up on holiday in China, and keep your window closed- or else have a bucket of water handy.


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