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Volcanic Ash and Flight Plans

We have the incredible fortune to be visiting North America on our summer break! We have just touched down in Canada after a long 14 hour flight from Shanghai.

The flight was extra long, in fact, and not just because we carried a 1 year old along with us. Minutes before push off our flight plan was changed on account of volcanic ash entering the atmosphere. We needed to be rerouted around the ash, which took an hour and a half before we finally pushed off from the gate.

And, the new flight path was two hours longer than originally planned, so we were doubly delayed in our arrival.

Everything went relatively well, though, all things considered. Leo only had one and a half tantrums the whole time. There were even individual movie screens at every seat in the plane.

On arrival to Canada, culture shock immediately began to set in (clean air, common courtesies like door holding, etc.). While passing customs, a woman said good naturedly to Leo: "What a cute baby you are! Just precious." Leo gave a resounding "Bu yao!" (No!) in Chinese. She simply smiled and said, "I don’t know what you’re trying to say exactly, but I’m sure it must be good and sweet."

We couldn’t help laughing out loud as we walked away.


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