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The Nanjing 1/2

We’re proud to say that we completed a half-marathon here in Nanjing! Our good friend Rachael was running her first 1/2 in the States, so we decided to run in solidarity with her here in China. We followed her training schedule for the most part, and found a great area to run in here in town. There’s a big lake that’s almost 6 miles in perimeter, so a couple of laps made up the bulk of our 13.1 mile race.

Our training was interrupted by a few colds and food poisoning, but in the end we feel great about our accomplishment. We ran it together at the same pace, while a friend looked after Leo back at the house. (Our ayi starts work June 1st.) It was the one day of the week it rained, which coincidentally matched Rachael’s weather back in Cleveland. The rain turned out to be a benefit- it kept things cooler and kept the crowds of weekend visitors to the lake at bay.

The scenery was the best part- about half of the lake is bordered by Nanjing’s city wall. This ‘mini Great Wall’ is much akin to Beijing’s famous wall, built in the same era. It’s also very historical, and impressive to run alongside, reaching about five or six stories high. Also by coincidence, our race day was on the same day as the official Great Wall Marathon in Beijing. Our course was nice and flat, though. We didn’t have to tackle going up and down close to 4,000 steps on our path like the other runners did!

We used our GPS watch to clock the time and distance, since our race was an individual effort. We came in at just over 2 hours, much to our amazement- race day brings some extra adrenaline!

Now it’s back to life as usual, and dreams about the next race to put on the horizon. The Tibet Marathon? Next year’s Great Wall? Or how about making four laps of the lake as an inaugural Nanjing Marathon?


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