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Tainted Milk

We came to China knowing that food quality posed a large issue. If you’ve followed the news recently you’ve seen that Chinese milk products have been pulled from the shelves, again showing that melamine (a fertilizer chemical) has been added to them by some of the dairy farmers. This has caused some infant deaths from tainted formula, and has sent thousands of other babies to the hospitals.

We only recently started letting Leo drink some milk in addition to nursing, but we only let him drink highly pasteurized organic milk from Australia. Our prudence has seemed to pay off for now. But we know that over the long run we’re all being exposed to some toxins that we’d rather not be, and we’re trying to make good choices about how best to avoid them.

You just can’t trust government regulations here to the same degree as back in the States. We really hope that China will take some initiative to correct these widespread problems, rather than just arrest and execute a few people. The scare factor is high with the latter, but it doesn’t deter people who have little scruples (or knowledge in some cases) about what harm they are doing.